Introducing CHRONOFi— Digital gaming platform based on Polygon Network

Create and build A play to earn ecosystem, Chrono guides gamers into the blockchain industry by removing barriers to entry and providing a complete infrastructure and truly entertaining games. Through the first innovative promotion system and cooperation plan, Chrono is rapidly acquiring traditional gamers and blockchain native users, providing integrated solutions for the blockchain gaming industry.

So, What is CHRONOFi? CHRONOFi is a blockchain-based NFT adventure game with a 2D turn-based and 3D MMORPG Play-to-Earn, where anyone can earn tokens through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. Players can battle, collect, and build a robot. Allowing community developers to build their own tools and experiences in the CHRONOFi.

While CHRONOFi is a fun game, it’s also taken on characteristics of a social network and jobs platform due to the strong community and play to earn opportunities that have come from its early success.

This is a full action-packed futuristic robot war comic where you play a positive role of a real robot fighter to knock off monster robots and become a brave robot wrestling champion. Prepare real robot transformer to fight with strong opponents in steel robot fighting arena. This is a fun wrestling robot game with many brave robots to choose for against monsters.

Steel robot fighting is all about fighting robots in futuristic robot wresting arena. Robot vs monsters robot must be played with tactics to win and you will earn money for every minute spent playing CHRONOFi
If you like Robot Games, then you must try this steel robot fighting game.

Different from the existing competitors is Many of the NFT game released last year was a product of ‘Tech’ people. They have experience and knowledge in blockchain ‘more’ than they have in gaming. The result was mediocre games with very simple game play on 2D and we Inside 3D Game featuring open world games. We believe that will change this year. More experienced developer are coming into the scene, including us, CHRONOFi

CHRONOFi will have two tokens, tokens called CFC and CFCg. CFC Which functions as a currency for Buying and Selling NFT, it built on Polygon Network in accordance with Polygon standard for tokens, CFC can be bought and sold or traded for other digital currencies. CFC can be stored in supported crypto wallets such as Metamask. CFCg is an in-game used token, it’s NOT a crypto! Like other free-to-play games, sped time to earn CFCg Coin While $CFCg can be either swapped to $CFC or could be used in the game.

CHRONOFi is going to be the next biggest blockchain metaverse game in the market and it is yet to take the Gaming industry by storm! Brace yourself and prepare to take part in building the future of Gaming metaverse.

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